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About Us

About Us

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We are Infinite Worlds Publishing Inc.

Infinite Dreams... Infinite Stories... Infinite Worlds!


Authors of genre fiction have two main paths that can take their story from concept to reality. However, those paths can be fraught with danger and challenges.

One path, traditional publishing, can be rewarding for some authors, but leave many lost in the sea despair. If a publisher even looks at their work, it could take years before the story even sees the light of day. And often, the author receives a small portion of the reward that comes.

The other path, self-publishing, can have its own rewards, but can be daunting for new and veteran authors alike. There are countless videos, books, and other material that guide the author on such a task. But doing so can often lead to sacrifice on creativity. That is not to mention the waves of self-doubt that batter the author.


Our Mission

At Infinite Worlds, we want to be the ideal middle between self-publishing and traditional publishing. As an independent publisher, our goal is to be the vehicle that takes your story from manuscript to the bookshelf (real or digital) while avoiding most of the obstacles along the way.

Publishing Tiers

Through Publishing Tiers, we want to offer different avenues that meet the needs of individual authors. For authors that want hands on, they can take the basic tier which maximizes royalties to the author. Or authors can go with the full-service tier that comes with lower royalties, but we handle most of the backend work to ensure a quality book. Of course, there will be tiers in between that cater to the needs of the author.

Service Hub

For authors who choose the basic tier, we do not leave them in the cold. One of our goals is to be a Creativity Hub that brings people of unique talents, skills, and services together. That includes artists, authors, editors, and many other talents that can help bring projects to reality.

Media Publisher

At Infinite Worlds, we do not want to limit our creators to just books. Ultimately, we want to be a source for a variety of media where creators can get the story to their audience. From traditional print media to digital and interactive methods, we are dedicated to being at the forefront of the needs and desires of our authors and other creators.


Our Story

The origin of Infinite Worlds comes from the origin of the founder, S.J. Serio. As a new author, he wanted to publish his first novel. Having used Amazon to publish his short story as a test, he found he had to get serious and take control of the process. So, he set out to publish his first book. It was a learning process, but led to the founding of Infinite Worlds, Inc in 2022. Since then, he went on a journey, tweaking his novel and learning the ropes of publishing.



Our Founder

S.J. Serio, also known as “Salvatore” or just “Sal” is an author. His short story, The Hedge Maze, is available to read and his first novel, The Monsters Within, is coming soon in May 2023. But he is also way more than that. Foremost, he is a father of two amazing daughters. They are his motivation in life. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy. As a lover of fantasy and science fiction, he is has a plethora of stories that he wants to share, and wants to make it easier for like-minds to do the same.


Our Values

Infinite Worlds, Inc. is founded on great values.

Credit Where it is Due.

We want to make sure that every person involved in the process is recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Devotion to Creativity

We want to make sure that creative people, such as authors, are given their fair dues and rewards. Authors keep ownership of their work. They can license their works through us, but they call the shots.

Commitment to Quality

Infinite Worlds, Inc, wants to ensure that authors have the tools at their disposal to put out quality work, not just in the development of their manuscript, but in the production of their final products. Whether those tools are internal to us, or via freelancers or third-party assistance, we want the author to find success in achieving their goals and dreams.

Infinite dreams… Infinite stories… Infinite Worlds!

It is our belief that the greatest footprint that a culture can leave is the stories that they leave behind. Stories can entertain, enlighten, captivate, inspire, and elevate the senses. We want to ensure that those stories are accessible to their intended audience (and not locked away, forgotten on some editor’s desk or lost in the sea of hopelessness).


Our Team



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